• Trailer service provided for a fee. Call for quote. 


Git yerself the ol' "good lookover" for just $99. A full check of systems and safety, along with a report on ways to make your bike better, badder and more balls to the wall. 

Fluid change services include oil/filter change, throttle/clutch adjust and lube

OIL ONLY: $35 + motor oil + parts


3-FLUID: $55 + motor oil + transmission oil + primary oil + parts



22 touches of TLC for $225 (labor only)

  • Air Cleaner: Serviced

  • Air Suspension: Inspected (if applicable), and PSI adjusted

  • Battery & Charging System: Inspected

  • Brakes: Fluid, pads, and discs inspected

  • Clutch: Adjusted and lubed, or hydraulic fluid checked

  • Critical Fasteners: Inspected

  • Electrical: Checked

  • Engine Codes: Checked

  • Enrichener: Inspected

  • Hinges and Pins: Lubed

  • Oil and Filter: Changed

  • Primary Fluid: Changed

  • Motor Mounts and Stabilizer Links: Inspected

  • Primary Chain Deflection: Inspected

  • Road Test: Basic systems, steering head, cruise control, and runability verified

  • Spark Plugs and Wires: Inspected and plugs replaced (if applicable)

  • Steering Head: Inspected and lubed (if a zirc fitting exists)

  • Rear Drive Belt and Sprocket: Inspected and adjusted

  • Throttle & Idle Cables: Adjusted, lubed and operation inspected

  • Tires: PSI, tread depth, spokes and condition inspected

  • Transmission Fluid: Changed

  • Idle/Running Condition: Verified



Buy 4 "3-Fluid" change services and get the 5th one FREE

Buy 4 "Premium Services" and get the 5th one FREE


Spend $500 and get one FREE oil change service